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The Watch

You have a watch that you have owned all your life. In fact your grandad gave it to you, and his grandad gave it to him, and his grandad was given it by the Queen of Sheeba as reward for his most delightful of "services". Over the years almost all the parts have been replaced, after all everything wears out in the end.

Last week, without realising it, you replaced the last original piece of the watch.

One morning a questionably dressed and somewhat elderly man approaches you. It turns out he has been collecting all the watch parts that you and your family have discarded over the years. Perversely he has put them all together to make another watch. Your watch.

But it's not your watch, your watch is in your pocket. Or is it? The question is, which watch is your watch? Which watch is your watch?

Think about it, it isn't as straight forward as you may think!

My Thoughts

I was recently brought back to this little thinking puzzle of mine by some feedback, a nice chap named Calum. As a consequence I got into a discussion on a forum about it and ended up asking my lovely girlfriend Steph what she thought. She said:

Every cell in your body is replaced continually, yet you are you throughout your entire life.

Much better than my answer and so much more concise! What I originally put is below:

The differences between objects and possesions. My opinion:

"The Watch" is just an object.
"The Watch" is just a tag people use to identify it.
"The Watch" is just a load of molecules put together in a certain way.
"The Watch", and what it has come to signify, is a mental interpretation of a thing.

So which watch is your watch? Well the one on your wrist, the other has never been "The Watch". Sure it's been parts of the watch, but the whole object was never "The Watch".

That's what I think anyway, if you have some thoughts then I'd be delighted to get your mail.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I really look forward to hearing from you!